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Mauritius is an island nation located off the southeast coast of Africa, in the Indian Ocean and its capital is the city of Port-Louis.

The official business language is English but French and Creole are spoken widely by the people of Mauritius. The climate in Mauritius is what we can call a ‘tropical luxury’. It’s hot and humid from November to March and warm and mild the rest of the year.

The island is well connected in terms of flights making it very travel convenient. An easy route to get there is through Dubai International. The Dubai route eliminates a few inconveniences. The Dubai airport is one of the most comfortable places to spend a long layover, and after your first flight, you will want some time to relax (That’s not to say this destination is not worth the long hours in the air.).

Upon arrival, you can either rent a car or let someone else do the driving for you. Your hotel will likely offer this service, or you can book through car rental who offers tours and transfers, as well as car for rent.

Besides the welcoming locals, the laid-back island vibe, and the stunning views, Mauritius boasts some of the most amazing beaches in the world.

They are renowned for the clear blue waters and white sandy beaches such as Belle Mare who make Mauritius a heaven for beach lovers, but if you’re after more than just sun bathing, you’ll be surprised by how much the island has to offer. A good portion of the island is surrounded by an outer reef, which creates calm and piercingly-blue lagoons for swimming and water sports. There is a wide variation of activities available such golf, boating, ocean swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kite surfing and kayaking. When staying in a resort or hotel, some activities will be free of charge.

Inland Mauritius is made up of forests and very impressive mountains.

Mauritius was colonised by the Dutch, French and British, and has a population made up of Indian, African, European and Chinese decent, the island is a mixing pot of cultures. This has given Mauritius a rich and varied history plenty of cultural and historical sites to visit.

The capital city Port Louis is famous for its central markets and Chinatown It has long been overlooked by tourists, who mostly come in search of beaches. However, this bustling commercial city is bursting with culture, heritage, charm and it’s the perfect place to learn about Mauritius’ rich cultural history. The narrow streets are split into different cultural quarters with street vendors sell everything from fabrics to spices. The best way to discover Port Louis is on a walking tour so as to not miss out on anything.

While there, a popular place to visit besides the capital, is the coastal town  of Grand Baie.

It is a charming  town and port located in the north west of Mauritius. It’s filed with shops and waterfront cafés and is well worth a little visit. It is about a 30 minute drive from Port-Louis. Tucked behind the main road is a great little market selling local wares and souvenirs, and if you visit it towards the end of the afternoon, you’ll see the daily fish market by the waterfront.

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 by Yocana Santos